ADNET – Advanced Technology Network was founded at the start of 2013 year with mutual agreement between four Italian companies, each one with a tradition and experience in this filed (Abrigo S.p.A., Domini Officine s.r.l., B&B Autoamtion S.r.l. and Sea control S.n.c.).

ADNET allow that the result is greater than the sum of its parts; and this is the reason why ADNet acts as a force multiplier for the individual members.
In fact, beside the natural extension of the range of products and services offered, originated by teaming, the collaboration brings an added value that can be expressed in three fundamental points.

First, increase in production capacity: resources sharing inside the network allows to optimize and allocate them, time by time, where they are most needed.
Second, integration of technologies: as well as allowing the proposal of complete systems, it also originates a greater boost in research and development.

Third, possibility for the customer to have a single contact, with a global responsibility, in managing complex projects.